My main focus is to dispel the current emphasis in the world by "experts" who constantly say negative things about the Bible and the word of Yahweh (the name of the God of the Bible). With the help of the Father and by offering irrefutable and staggering evidence that few know about I show that the Bible was written by the Eternal for our instruction and admonition.
The object of my previous TV programs was not only designed to reveal the current disasters that are now occurring but to also reveal historical precedents going right back into history. They were and are today, huge correctional lessons from a loving Father, designed to change the nation around from it’s present ways.
As a result of the TV programs there have been numerous requests for the material, so many that we could not hope to afford to fulfil so I decided to make the information available in a more understandable form by converting the information (plus a wealth of extra information) into DVDs for playing on your TV or Computer and you can also play the DVDs to audiences.

As a result I have included a schedule of DVD’s on subjects that I covered on TV during the past couple of years.
I regard myself as being independent and free of church dogma, something like Paul whose occupation was a tent maker, who spread the truths of Yahweh, but did not use any tithes to fund his work. His funds to live came from his tent making (ie his own labour).

I hope that among the DVDs available below you will find some that are of interest to you that will make you hunger after the Word of Yahweh. If you would like to discuss any subject with me you will find my telephone number and email address at the bottom of this website.
Blessings to you in our Eternal Father, Yahweh’s name and his Son, Yahshua.

1. The Ages of Man in Prophecy:
Narration covering all the eras in history from Babylon right through to the present time and covers over 17 kingdoms. The actual history is neatly tied up with the Biblical revelation to make one compelling and exciting reality.
The DVDs show the King of the South, who is identified as the Muslim powers, attacking the King of the North as revealed in the Bible. Further the united European power attacking the Asian powers only to be decimated by a return blow. You will recognise that the first shots in this coming terror war have been fired in America, France and on the 7th July 2005 in London, the capital of Great Britain.

2. The Coming Empire of YAHWEH:
Showing how the coming Kingdom is going to be established and what huge geographical changes are going to happen on the planet. This DVD will show who some of the new rulers of this coming Kingdom/Empire will be as indicated in the Bible. The Saints that Yahweh (the name of the God of the Bible) has chosen over the thousands of years of world history.

3. The 13 Tribes
Shows the heritage of our nations and proving that what is known as the Western Nations make up the 13 Tribes of Israel. The African Americans wanted to find their roots. Discover where our BRITISH PEOPLES came from after subsequently passing through Europe to occupy these Islands. Find out who the Father through his Son sent his disciples to, and who they are talking to today. Find out why we have been the foremost Nations on the planet.

4. 14 Signs Announcing Yahshua’s Return
As the 14 Signs show the world has changed since1805 when the steam engine was invented and for the first time in history man could move at a faster pace than the horse. As the Bible said "knowledge would be increased at the end time" and it has especially these last few years. But also mankind’s ability to blow himself off the planet has also increased exponentially. It is important for all men and women to understand the signs, the greatest Prophet Jesus (Yahshua, the acknowledged name of the Son of the God of the Bible) made covering this time and the Signs of the end of this age and the coming kingdom.

5. The Name of YAHWEH
Let us actually introduce you to Your Real Heavenly Father. The titles of God and Lord and Elohim (gods) replaced the true name of the Father over 6800 times in the Bible by the scribes and priests of the temple because they felt it was too holy to pronounce. This is one of the most important DVDs. So many proofs and evidences that the name of the Holy Father of the Bible is Yahweh. The words inscribed on a three thousand year old amulet from the Solomon Temple era found in 1988 prove it plus on many other ancient artefacts from the period. The ancient Amulet took two years to unwind and was reconfirmed as authentic in November 2004 in New York using up to date NASA technology. See how it should be written and then know the Real NAME OF YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER and join the few praying to Him using his real Name for blessings and help.

6. Is YAHWEH Warning America, Britain and the West?
Yahweh (the acknowledged name of the God of the Bible) says that he controls events through the weather. This DVD goes back through history to ancient Egypt, Nineveh, the Rome of the Emperors and into modern History to show where Yahweh, the mighty Father of Israel, used the weather to alternatively save or destroy proud and powerful nations. The destruction of these nations was not indicated by anything concrete at the time. Often their power was at its greatest extent yet sudden and unexpected destruction overcame them. Rome suffered so did many other Empires. Is modern arrogant America being brought down in the same way as Great Britain was stripped of its previously overwhelming power?

7. Eye to Eye
Book written by William Koenig dealing with America’s attempt to undermine and force Israel to give land for peace. The book deals with the consequences of these actions by showing how weather patterns are costing America $billions in fire, hurricane, flood, tornado and snow storm damage. Some of these events are the biggest in the century and have caused the most damage ever. Many storms seem to amazingly appear out of nowhere and destroy everything around them. Recently the October 3 TIME MAGAZINE asked: "Are we making Hurricanes Worse?" This book can be purchased from Amazon and read in conjunction with number 6 above.

8. YAHWEH Bible
For those who want to experience what the Bible used to be like prior to the real Name of the Father being removed over 6800 times. For once many things that are obscured will become clearer and you will understand what Yahweh means when he talks about Gods and not get him mixed up with the pagan kind. You will see the hundreds of references by virtually all churches including the Church of England, Catholic Church plus many other Denominations, including respected reference works such as Ungers Bible Dictionary, plus The Judiac, The Catholic, Britannia and Wycliffe Bible Encyclopaedias. All confirm the name of the Holy Father of the Bible is Yahweh ... Smiths Bible Dictionary 1872 ..... James Moffatt Bible translation.
In this limited space we cannot do justice to all the hundreds of reference works that back up the fact that a huge mistake has been made and all Christianity now prays to the wrong Deity. This becomes very apparent in a city like Durban where there are many religions all having hundreds of gods that they pray to. Maybe for the first time in your life understand the Name of Yahweh.

9. Scientific and Numerical Proofs in the Bible
A fascinating study of Bible facts dealing with the Science, biology, earth sciences that shows that long before the scientists had any idea that even their particular science existed, the bible led the way and had already accurately written about it. The Bible is not a scientific book but wherever it touches on the subject it is accurate. In this DVD we cover everything from health, ocean currents, rivers under the sea, smoker or fountains of the deep, chemical nature of life, the importance of sanitation, the numeracy of the bible as discovered by Panin and the relationship and amazing underlying numbers associated with biblical revelation and the universe.
This DVD is designed to help men and women who are trying to understand the truth of the bible but don’t know where to find it and to help faith and fight back against detractors. This DVD will show you how wrong, shallow and self serving their assumptions are. These detractors usually start off by saying "The Bible is Wrong because" and in my experience they always turn out to be wrong themselves.

10. The Bible in the Stars 
2500 years before the bible was written Yahweh wrote his revelation in the stars. To make up the twelve constellations specific stars were chosen and hebrew names were given to those stars. The hebrew names confirm the story of the revelation of the bible. This was probably why all the ancient temples and places of worship were open to the sky. Much of the revelation and its meaning was lost and polluted after the babylonian captivity of the Jews. During this captivity the meaning was changed and the practice of using the stars for astrology to make up horoscopes became the practice. Thereby an unacceptable meaning and twist was made to the revelation of Yahweh in the stars. This dvd is fascinating for those who want to extend their knowledge of biblical revelation and will confirm once again how unusual the bible is.

11. 2520 year Prophecy about the release of Jerusalem "As birds Flying"
This is one of the most detailed prophecies consisting of many parts that seemed impossible to fulfill. Yet every part of the prophecy was fulfilled down to the exact last day of 2520 years (920,430 days) starting 604 BC to 8 to 9th December 1917. See how Yahweh worked out this amazing prophecy down to the finest detail.

12. Military Miracles of British & American Wars
When asked by John if he were the Christ, Jesus said look at the signs, the blind see and the lame walk. If you doubt there is a God of the Bible called Yahweh, then look at these amazing signs on the two leading nations of Israel Britain and America. When they needed help time and again the King called on Yahweh (the name of the God of the Bible) for help and within days the impossible happened. It happened so often that only the most cynical would disbelieve that there is a Father of Battles.

13. Why Were You Born
That's the question of the ages. 3000 years ago King David considered the apparent insignificance of the humankind when compared to the vastness of the night sky, when he said "what is man that you are mindful of him".
Even David, who was considered by the Creator of the Universe "as a man after his own heart", did not have this answer at that stage. Even though Yahweh considered David in such high esteem, and ultimately not only gave David rulership over the tribes of Israel, but also because of his obedience said that from that point on his descendants would always sit on the throne of Israel right up to the time the Saviour returned. Yahweh went further than that when he said that the moon and sun and stars would have to stop turning and giving their light before that promise could be broken. That promise has not been broken and David's descendants still sit upon a physical earthly throne. Neither will the promises to those who overcome and obey his laws fail and the undertakings fulfilled concerning their great future. This DVD presentation gives you an understanding of what happens to mankind, what is going to happen and what the final glorious future outcome is going to be. The Scriptures are breathed by the Creator and written by men known as Prophets or Apostles, for our admonition and education. This DVD presentation is as a result of many people phoning, e-mailing and writing to me to ask about this very question, "what's life about?" & "why was I born?" & "what happened to my child or loved one?". I hope that this work can give you the answers you are searching for. 

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