Yes, using ‘Other Peoples Money’, Free Money and Hundreds of Sources available as a Leveraged Buyout Practitioner can make you a millionaire – Fast Track!!   

Bill Gates of Microsoft
One of the most successful and one of the Richest men in the World is an example of someone who started off with an LBO Acquisition using Creative Finance.

The X Box was no different when he acquired a software company that created excellent games, plus a company that produced the hardware.

These were all LBO Acquisitions.

How would you like to enjoy a lifestyle where you could afford to travel FIRST CLASS and live in first class accommodation in Hotels, Cruise Liners or wherever you go? Enjoy the respect that Leverage Buyout (LBO) Practitioners can achieve faster than using any other system. Join top men and women living the life of the wealthy because of their involvement with Leverage Buyout that uses OTHER PEOPLES MONEY, a system that has made them hugely successful & very rich. 

Barry Thornton Leverage Buyout Lecturer

Leverage Buyout Practitioner, Author & Lecturer



Who uses LBO?

  • Let me ask you something:
    Where in any discipline can you find recognisable names such as:

    Warren Buffet - Multiple Types of Business Acquisitions 
  • Sugar - Business and Football Clubs 
  • Brandson - Business and Airlines 
  • Gates - Software and Games 
  • Trump - Extensive Property Holdings 
  • Mittal - 40% Holding of Steel Mills , 
  • plus businesses of the Calibre of Volkswagen, Ford, Cunard, General Motors, Toyota, Mercedes Benz, P&O, BA, British Aero Space, Voda Phone 
  • plus many others that use LBO/OPM successfully to make them even more wealthy and powerful? 

Further the countries that encourage LBO such as America and Britain plus many in Europe are the wealthiest and have the fastest growing and most powerful economies in the world because of LBO.

The Government recently made the point "that such re-investment makes the economy stronger". Why because Multi Billionaires see it as a great benefit to have little regulation with fantastic communications and security in a well defended country with laws to protect them.

It is true to say that the British economy passed both Italy and France after being the sick man of Europe.

Further Britain attracts up to 60% of EU Investment because of the friendlier investment climate and LBO, the use of 'Other People's Money' is one of the leading investment strategies.

London has more Acquisitions than any other market on the planet. It is why so many huge companies register on the British Exchange.


Become an LBO practitioner. The greatest wealth creation system used by the wealthy, powerful and some small to medium sized businesses.

LBO Practitioners have the real secret to tangible, real wealth.Over the centuries the LBO System has been perfected and has assembled answers to most problems associated with any acquisition.

That is why Leverage Buyout Practitioners have access to hundreds of Financial Tools, Ideas, concepts and Strategies together with many sources of funding for almost any need.

Big Plans make Money

With all of the above, WHY try and talk someone in to joining an MLM business which takes years and years to build up, when the same skills can help YOU acquire a business worth hundreds of thousands plus an already established cash flow, credibility & staff in only a fraction of the time.


Donald Trump
Famous worldwide for his property
Acquisitions making him one the richest
men in America and one of the biggest
property owning Multi - Billionaires in
the world. This highly successful
entrepreneur used the LBO System
for acquisition to Build his famous
worldwide business property empire.
Trump towers is one of his
most well known and famous acquisitions.

Not all LBO Practitioners are Dealing in the Mega acquisitions like the above Captains of Industry.

There are many more LBO Practitioners dealing in smaller size acquisitions for instance Corner Shops, Restaurants, Manufacturing, Mail Order, Publishing to Service Industries plus many more.

Wilkinson, one of our delegates, acquired over 20 companies and never used a penny of his own money, it was all done using Other Peoples Money. There are many such practitioners ranging from men and women who have been made redundent to businessmen who wanted to expand.

With Leverage Buyout start enjoying a life style that only the few can aspire to participate in. 



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