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The Incredible Crossing of the Red Sea by the Israelites who consisted of 13 Tribes

Exactly where did the Israelites cross the Red Sea?
How wide, deep, and long was the path that allowed 2 million Israelites
to escape from the pursuing Egyptian army?
How much water was displaced?
Where did the water go?

Have a look at the videos below which answer the above questions.
Though this is a very intersting series, I and many Biblical scholars, disagree with the wrong conclusion that it was only the Jews or Judah that passed through the Red Sea.  

The fist time the word Jews was used was in the Book of Kings after the split between Judah and Israel that occured under Solomon's son, King Rehoboam. Solomon was advised of the coming break up that would occur after he had died.  The Northern ten tribes broke away prior to Rehoboam becoming king and after parliament wanted to lower taxes which Rehoboam refused to do. Ten of the tribes moved away north and from then on they were called the Tribes of Israel.  
There were 13 tribes including the half tribe of Manessah. Ephraim and Manessah, both sons of Joseph and Grandsons of Jacob who was renamed Israel. 13 tribes came out of Egypt and passed through the Red Sea. The Jews (Judah) were just one of the 13 Tribes. 
When the Exodus occured Moses had the tribes put up their standards so that each tribe could be gathered together with other members of their tribe. That is how they marched out of Egypt, each tribe under their own banner, and that is how they stayed during their long trek through the wilderness for over 40 years. 
When they took over the promised land it was broken up into tribal areas, Ephraim, Manessah. Simeon, Ruben etc. Today we still know which tribe occupied the portions of the land. 
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The "strong, east wind" blowing east to west across the Gulf of Aqaba and holding back more than 46 billion cu. ft. of water, would have blown into the faces of the eastward fleeing Jews crossing through the sea. How is this possible? What did Yahweh mean when He said, "I bare you on eagles' wings"? 



How many terrified Egyptians died in the Red Sea? Describing their violent deaths, the Bible says they were "dashed in pieces..thrown into the sea...sank into the bottom as a stone..the earth swallowed them," etc. What exactly happened when more than 344 billion gallons of water crashed together in the center of the path, sweeping the Egyptian army, their horses and chariots upward? 

The leviathan, described in Job 41, was the fiercest and most terrifying creature God ever created. A fire breathing, amphibian reptile, he inhabited the mile deep waters of the Gulf of Aqaba. When the waters returned after the safe crossing of the Jews, he was violently sucked from the depths and crushed to death in the upward rising column of water, men, chariots, and horses. The resulting tsunami carried his remains to distant deserts.

A little known fact about the crossing of the Red Sea is the tsunami that followed the collapse and collision of the 2 ice walls, each containing more than 172 billion gallons of water. It was likely the most powerful tsunami in the earth's history. Does the Bible mention it? If so, where?

This version of Exodus was broadcast by ABC as a miniseries. It was a wonderful depiction showing Yahweh's 'wonders' in setting at liberty his chosen people.



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